May 07

Welcome to XRT

XRT leads the world in the practical application of laboratory scale X-ray phase-contrast imaging, micro CT and phase-contrast image processing. Absorption contrast has been the accepted X-ray imaging modality for the last 100 years, recently however phase-contrast has become well recognised as being strong where absorption contrast is weak and It is well known that phase-contrast imaging is particularly useful for X-ray imaging of structures made from weakly absorbing materials, either alone or in the company of more dense structures. Application areas include:-

  • MATERIALS SCIENCES—Plastics, composites, metal and polymer foams, ceramics, alloys, paper, packaging
  • LIFE SCIENCES: Bone micro-architecture, surgical implants, pharmaceuticals, seeds, insects
  • MICRO-ELECTRONICS: Semiconductor devices, MEMS, IC packaging
  • EARTH SCIENCES: Diamonds and other gemstones, pearls, geo-polymers, porosity in sandstone
  • FOOD TECHNOLOGY: Dairy foams, texture, packaging

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